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Hydraulic Oil Screw Pump
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Product: Views:436Hydraulic Oil Screw Pump 
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Last updated: 2019-02-24 16:13

Universal three-screw pump with wide application

Product Features:

1.The screw units is rotating along with the external prime mover.

2.The spiral groove of the screw opens periodically,and the volume of suction cavity increases,resulting into a vacuum.

3.The medium is absorbed into the spiral groove and sealed in the spiral groove.

4.Along with the rotation of screw,the medium moves toward the outlet along the axial line of the screw.

5.The medium is pumped out.This is the operating principle of screw pump.

Performance Viscosity:3.0 ~ 1500 mm2/s

Flow:5 ~ 5300 L/min

Maximum Pressure:4.0 Mpa

Maximum Temperature:150 ℃


1. Simple structure: The pump itself consists of only three screw, but there are many kinds of structures. Generally, the pump body and bushing are combined into a horizontal installation, and the shaft seal is a mechanical seal. The pump bushing above the medium flow rate is fixed in the pump body as a separate part. Large flow pumps are mostly made of double suction structure. The shaft has two kinds of mechanical seal and packing seal according to the different medium of transportation. The original motive of marine pump is AC marine motor.

2. Long life: The main screw of three-screw pump is driven by motor. Between the main screw and the slave screw, there is a layer of oil film protection between the screw and the bushing. Because the mechanical friction of the pump is very small, the life of the pump can be called half-life.

3. The transported liquid moves in a straight line with uniform axial velocity in the pump, so the pressure fluctuation is small, the flow rate is stable and the noise is low. Because of the small inertia of the rotating part, the starting moment and vibration are very small.

4. High inhalation capacity.

5. In order to ensure the pump, motor and pipeline system, screw pumps with medium flow and above all have valves. When the pressure exceeds the set pressure of the valve, the high-pressure oil will flow back to the inlet of the pump.